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1/31/14-We are so pleased to announce the soft release of our website! During Febuary we will be making changes and corrections to our site , so your paitence is appreciated! You can now browse our beautiful online catalog! We are currently working on getting our payment processor online so you will not be able to complete any order until that is corrected. You can make a phone order by calling our store during business hours at 435-753-4870. If you find mistakes in our site while browsing we would like to know, so please email us at sales@logandiamondgallery.com.

The Diamond Gallery

Why shop at The Diamond Gallery?

We provide individual attention to each project we are presented with. We know your jewelry isn't just jewelry. It's a symbol of love, affection, and memories. We love being in Downtown Logan and serving our amazing customers. 

We're here for you

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